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Dental Tourism

Medical Tourism came into existence as an innovative and new concept that saw people traveling abroad for getting superior medical, orthopedic, dental and cosmetic treatments through experienced, expert surgeons and physicians employing the state-of-the-art medical facilities and infrastructure…………all this at a mere fraction of the price paid in the USA, UK and other European countries.

The sphere of the term ‘Medical Tourism’ is very vast, encompassing so many other terms like Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism, Health Travel, Medical Value Travel, Healthcare Abroad, Overseas Medical, Surgery Overseas, Medical Outsourcing and also Offshore Medical. Thousands of people living in USA, UK and European countries wish to get excellent medical services without spending out their entire life-savings.

Dental Tourism is a vital area of medical tourism that is really in demand and booming very fast. We can define dental tourism as a branch of medical tourism that includes traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental surgeries, dental treatments or dental procedures comprising some cosmetic dental treatments which are generally expensive in one’s own country.

Normally, the medical insurance is provided by the employer in most of the countries, but very rarely the medical insurance consist dental insurance benefits. The people getting dental insurance benefits are considered the fortunate ones for an obvious reason that is the huge expenses dental treatments need.

Normally, the medical insurance is provided by the employer in most of the countries, but very rarely the medical insurance consist dental insurance benefits. The people getting dental insurance benefits are considered the fortunate ones for an obvious reason that is the huge expenses dental treatments need.

In USA, UK and Europe the health facilities are very costly, especially the dental treatments just wipe out most of the savings of the patients. This scenario has given birth to dental tourism, through which patients can receive same dental treatments of same quality from expert and experienced dentists and dental surgeons by going to other country. Dental tourism which is also known as dental travel has been offering a low cost high quality dental treatment alternative for such people.

Many countries have been presenting discounted dental surgeries and dental treatments world wide. Though the concept of dental tourism has been experiencing a boom for some time now, it is not a recent concept. Mexico has been providing affordable dental implants, discounted dental crowns for many years and thousands of Americans have been using these dental services.

But the new episode in the dental tourism started when many Asian countries like India, Thailand, and Singapore stepped into the sphere of dental tourism. In a short span of time, India, Thailand, Singapore have became equally popular and preferred dental tourism destinations for their exclusive qualities like the superior services, best and latest infrastructure and equipments, skilled dental surgeons and dentists, compassionate and trained Para-medical staff, command over English eliminating the language barrier and along with these advantages these countries have unparalleled, fabulous tourist destinations, coming as a bonus for the dental tourists visiting India for the dental treatments.

India has become the most popular dental tourism destination among the patients in USA and UK. The dental clinics in India have been offering all the dental treatments and surgeries of best quality giving the patients more than their expectations at the most competitive prices. Dental Implants, Orthodontic Treatments, Ceramic Veneers Treatment, Crowns and Bridges, Gum Treatments, Cosmetic Dental Treatments are some of the dental procedures for which India is chosen as the first destination by the patients living in USA and UK. Dental Qualification and Accreditation profiles of dental practices in India


Most dental clinics and hospitals offering dentistry as a specialty are JCI and ISO certified.

What are the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments offered in India?

Some of the most popular procedures offered by the cosmetic dental clinics in India include.

Dental Restorations

Onlays & Inlays


Bridges work

Teeth Whitening

Laminates / Veneers work

Invisible Fillings

Spaces to Big / Small Teeth work Implants

Stained Teeth work

Porcelain Onlays & Inlays

Fractured Tooth repair

Teeth Jewellery work

Benefits of Dental Tourism in India

Low Cost

Indian dental clinics offer cost savings in dental treatments. Due to low cost labour and administrative costs, it is possible in India to offer top quality dental care in comparatively low costs.

Excellent Quality

The dentists and the dental surgeons in India are known for their excellent quality of work. This quality will be equal or even superior to what people get in USA and UK. The dental care centers in India have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments giving the patients comfortable and painless dental treatments. Thus the patients get satisfactory results and that too in much lesser costs than they would have spent in the dental clinics in USA and UK.

Treatment and Travel

While the primary motivation of the most of the patients is affordable dental care, but for some people it is a dental visit combined with traveling or having vacation. Given the low cost of road, air travel, accommodation the patient’s family or friends can come with him and they can have a vacation together.

Why India is A Preferred Dental Tourism Destination?

One does wonder why India is regarded as the most popular dental tourism destination in Asia, why thousands of Americans, British and Europeans flock India every year for various dental treatments and dental surgeries, why should the people living in Europe or America choose India for getting done the dental implants or the orthodontic treatment or the dentures.

Treatment and Travel

All this is so because India has the best qualified dental surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, the best infrastructure and equipments and fluent English speaking Para-medical staff. The hospitals in India offer world class medical facilities with the best infrastructure at very competitive prices.

The health care and medical facilities that the people from USA, UK and other European countries receive in India charge the patients a mere fraction of what they have to pay in their own country. For example, when medical treatment costs in India are compared to similar procedures in the US or the UK, they are lower by at least 60 to 80 %. The dentists in USA, UK & Europe can charge $300 to $400 for a Dental Filling, while it costs only $20 to $40 in India. The charges of a Root Canal in the West are $3,000 and it is only $100 to $200 in India. Dentures can cost $1000 in USA, UK and Europe but only $200 in India.

Another main advantage of visiting India for medical treatments is the availability and guarantee of internationally acclaimed medical standards compared to any medical centers in the world along with highly qualified dental surgeons, dentists and other hospital support staff. The dental care clinics in India like ours where overseas patients are treated on a large scale, conduct all the medical investigations with the help of the latest, technologically advanced diagnostic equipments. These medical centers follow the quality assurance exercises and the test results rigorously affirming the best quality and accuracy.

One more point that attracts people from Western countries to India for the dental treatment procedures, is the wide spread knowledge and fluency in English. Though India is a multilingual country, English is spoken at most of levels of the country, so the tourists from abroad don’t find face a problem traveling in India for visiting places or medical tourism. Most of the medical staff in India has a command over English and if the patient has a problem with English, a translator is arranged to accompany the patient during his stay in India.

The pharmaceutical sector of India is also very capable and participating in the research field actively. The Indian pharmaceutical products are recognized and accredited worldwide. All the necessary and essential medications are available here as Indian physicians keep pace with the latest technology and the inventions in the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

We provide exclusive tailor-made medical services to all our patients, especially the overseas patients as they are unfamiliar with lifestyle, climate and food of India. You can have several options in the private dental care centers, regarding having a private room, private chef, convenient transport facilities etc. Our dedicated staff takes efforts to make your stay the most comfortable and satisfactory as per your expectations.

India is a land blessed with the best of natural beauty, architectural manifestations, cultural and religious art forms, and in the recent years it has also carved a wonderful niche for itself on the world business map. It’s any travel enthusiast’s paradise due to the wide variety of holidaying options it has on offer from trekking along the wonderful hill ranges to soaking up the sun by the warm and sunny beaches, from art exploration at the wonderful old edifices to chilling out in the beautiful hill stations. India is also one of the most preferred destinations for medical treatment as it is home some of the best medical practices in the world. This includes cosmetic dental procedures at top notch facilities under the hands of the best dental experts, and the low treatment prices becoming the icing on the cake. For the patient seeking affordable and quality cosmetic dental procedures, India sure comes across as truly attractive.

The dental tourism in India is combined with travel and sightseeing by many patients visiting India. They not only get treated and cured of the ailment at an affordable cost, but also visit many beautiful and excellent historical cities and places of interest in India with his family or friends.

Travelling and accommodation in Pune (India)

Getting here by Air

The major airports are located in Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Cochin and Chennai and are served by India’s own international airlines, the Air India and Indian Airlines as well as leading foreign airlines such as the Swissair, Lufthansa, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, Delta, and Cathay Pacific.

Getting here by Road

Roadways connect India with very few neighbouring countries, namely Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Getting Around by Car

Since the traffic is pretty congested, it is advisable to opt for chauffeur driven cars that are available in the main tourist centres and also have approval from the Government of India Tourist Office. Self drive cars can be availed at the major metros and will require you to have an international deriving permit.

Getting Around by Taxi Metered and non-metered taxi services, and rickshaws are available throughout the country. Make sure to have the meter flagged if there is one before the journey begins or negotiate and agree on a price before embarking in case the meter is absent.

Getting Around by Bus

India has an extensive network of bus services connecting all parts of the country.

Getting Around by Rail

India also has a widespread network of rail services connecting all major cities. These include luxury trains, local trains connecting different parts of the state, broad gauge services in hilly areas, express trains, fast passengers and special trains.

Accommodation in Pune (India)

The type of accommodations available in India include

Hotel These range from luxury resorts to low budget motels. In India you can avail of economy range hotel services without having to forego the cleanliness and quality factor.

Budget Hotels

Very cheap hotels which mostly operate on a 24-hour system where you check out the following day at the same time as you signed in, while some maintain the noon checkout.

Luxury Hotels

These include the super deluxe, deluxe, five star, four star and three star, depending on the facilities and services they offer. They are located in the major tourist centres and the metros. The well known hotel groups in India include The Taj Group, the Welcomgroup (affiliated with Sheraton), the Oberoi, Ritz, Casino and the Air India linked Centaur Hotels. The Ashok Hotels run by the ITDC group are found in practically in every town of India. And for all those who like to enjoy the royal Indian treatment, you can check into heritage hotels located in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other smaller places all over India, which were once the forts and palaces of the erstwhile kings but now converted into hotels.

Tourist Bungalows

These are run by the State Governments and have excellent facilities as well as economic charges. Further they have great restaurants which are just as reasonable. Single and double rooms are available with and without A/C.

Home Stays

Home stays are available in Rajasthan, Ladakh, Chennai and Mumbai in alliance with the Tourism Development Corporations of the respective states, with Indian families offering accommodation and food to the tourists in the warmth of their homes.

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