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5 Effective Tips to Improve Your Child’s Dental Health

As parents, we put in efforts to ensure our children get the best of everything. We aim to give our offsprings the best life. However, we often neglect our child’s dental health and oral hygiene. In most cases, parents tend to ignore the need to focus on the dental hygiene of the child. In addition, […]
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21st century lifestyle affecting your oral health?

In the fast-paced world of today, our food habits have become inconsistent, our work life hectic and personal life frenzied. With disproportionate work-life balance, we are surrounded by various stresses that not only affects our psychological well-being but also our biological health. From having minor gastrointestinal problems to suffering from severe health problems like diabetes, […]
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Clear your doubts, fears and confusion about dental implants with these facts!

Restorative dentistry procedures have suffered marked advancements in the last one decade and we now have speciality techniques and products available. Dental implant is one such product that restores the lost tooth effectively and is now considered the best option among various other restorations that have been there for decades. People used to wear crowns […]
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