COVID-19 and How To Achieve Good Oral Health?

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have never been more concerned about our health and our family's well-being. Sneezing, coughing or a mild headache scares every house member. We follow a strict diet, healthy food, and exercise to boost our immunity and prevent diseases. But, are you taking good care of your oral health? Most of the diseases and common flu get triggered due to an unhealthy mouth. Unfortunately, brushing twice a day is not sufficient during this […]

What To Eat For Healthy Gums and Strong Teeth?

 Every individual is aware that the food we eat plays a massive role in building our health and immune system. Healthy food balance nutrients and vitamins in our body improve our metabolism process and fight diseases. But did you know? Healthy eating habits can also give you a beautiful, healthy smile.  Brushing twice daily and regularly flossing is pivotal, but it is insufficient to establish good oral hygiene. Expert dental clinics in Pune suggest that eating various […]