Your teeth can develop dark shades or spots at any point in your life. While it looks unpleasant, it can also cause bad breath and a foul smell. According to our dental doctor in Pune, there are several causes of tooth discoloration. Causes of tooth discoloration Coffee stains Cigarette Tobacco Trauma to the tooth Tetracycline stains Enamel hypoplasia Jaundice Side effects of certain medications All these teeth discoloring causes can be easily undone through modern
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What is Orthodontic Treatment? Orthodontic treatment is the branch of dentistry that primarily aims to improve the appearance of teeth and bite irregularities. When orthodontic treatment begins at the right age, it prevents potential dental problems, restores the normal functioning of teeth, and even contributes to clear speech in some cases. What are the causes of orthodontic problems in kids? Several factors that give rise to orthodontic problems in kids are as follows: Early loss
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Most of us care primarily about teeth alignment, color, and basic dental issues like tooth decaying and cavity.  But we ignore the most important part of oral health that is gums. Most dental issues start with gums problems. According to our dentist in Pune, having cavity-free and white crystal teeth is not a sign of healthy oral health. There are chances that you may get infected with other gums-related problems. A  thin layer of microorganisms
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People often do not take oral health seriously. Most individuals feel that brushing twice daily is sufficient to get healthy and strong teeth, which is right up to some extent. Toothache and pain get treated with home remedies, as not many people are concerned about the growing health condition inside their mouth. One reason for this can be the myths associated with oral health. So, our dentist in Pune has debunked some myths and facts
Are you looking for an alternative for lost teeth? Have you thought of Dental Implants? Let’s walk you through some wonderful benefits dental implants offer, so you won’t think twice about having this procedure. 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Having Dental Implants ●     As Strong as Natural Teeth Dental implants are the closest match to natural teeth. It enhances the look giving a better appearance and mental satisfaction of good looks. Special care is taken at
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