Dentists often come across weird concerns of their patients such as, does dental treatment cause poor eyesight? Why can’t I prevent plaque formation with regular brushing? Myths around us often manipulate these concerns. In this blog, our expert dentist in Pune has busted a few common dental myths that most of the patients have accepted as a fact.

Myth 1: Brushing Your Teeth vigorously

Aggressive brushing can cause abrasion, which means the loss of your tooth’s hard surface. Abrasion can cause severe tooth sensitivity and extreme toothache. Practice the right method and brushing techniques to ensure gentle yet effective brushing.

Myth 2: Teeth cleaning can cause tooth sensitivity

Some people cannot get rid of the plaque and yellow stain on their teeth surface. Dental cleaning helps them achieve the natural look of their teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure performed using an ultrasonic scaler. This scaler has a blunt tip which works under mechanical vibration for cleaning the tooth surface, plaque, and tartar. The vibration may numb your mouth for a few minutes or an hour, but the effects don’t cause any tooth sensitivity.

Myth3: Dental Cleaning result in tooth loss

Dental cleaning alone cannot cause tooth loss. A person already suffering from periodontitis or severe gum disease is at higher risk of experiencing tooth loss; as such conditions destroy the bones and tissues supporting the teeth. Make sure your doctor evaluate your dental situation before recommending a dental cleaning procedure.

Myth 4: Removing teeth from the upper jaw affects the eyes and brain.

The nerves associated with eyes are not connected with the nerves associated with the upper jaw. Therefore, it is the biggest misconception among the unknown patients that removing a tooth from their upper jaw will affect their eyes and brain cells.

Myth 5: Infants and children should not brush their teeth until five.

Brushing a child’s milk teeth is equally important as brushing off an adult’s teeth. After the eruption of their milk teeth, parents should encourage their children to use a soft-bristled brush every day. However, make sure you do not use ordinary toothpaste. Infants and children should consult a pediatric dentist to recommend toothpaste specialized and safe for children.

There are many such myths which people consider as facts and lack maintaining good oral hygiene. If you are wondering whom to ask such queries and concerns, Oswal Dental Clinic, one of the top, well-renowned dental clinics in Pune is a phone call away. Our dentist in Pune is offering world-class treatment for patients to help them reclaim an attractive, healthy, and younger-looking smile.