Drinking water has several benefits. It not only flushes toxins out of our bodies but also helps in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Here’s how it works:

It Keeps Our Mouth Clean

Drinking water regularly washes away the food residue in the mouth and prevents such deposits from building up. A clean mouth prevents plaque build-up and resists bacterial germination, keeping teeth and gum diseases at bay.

It Fights Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is when the mouth produces lesser saliva. Less saliva leads to greater plaque build-up because food particles stuck in teeth allow bacterial germination and plaque conversion. Drinking water regularly cleanses the mouth, dilutes the acidic influx due to food, stimulates saliva production and helps fight dry mouth.

It is Good For Enamel Longeitivity

Constant plaque build-up erodes enamel, reducing the dental layers and creating gaps. Drinking water regularly gushes dirt down the throat and maintains clean teeth, preventing enamels erosion and sensitivity.

It Normalises The PH Level Of Mouth

The neutral PH Level is 7. However, eating food all the time may change the mouth’s PH level, which attracts bacterial germination. On the other hand, water is neutral and hence consuming water restores PH neutrality of the mouth, thus preventing bacterial germination, tartar build-up, and enamel erosion.

It Supplies Minerals To Teeth

Water contains natural minerals that are good for health. Minerals are essential for healthy teeth and gums. Regular water consumption increases minerals exposure to gums and teeth, which gums absorb, and hence drinking water helps maintain good oral hygiene.

Hydration plays an important role in maintaining health. Among patients who visit our dental clinic in Pune, it is commonly found that people who consume less water are more prone to having cavities, plaque, and other dental disorders, besides suffering health issues such as gastric problems, constipation, and dehydration.

Our pediatric dentist in Pune believes that the mouth is a window to inner health. Drinking water regulates metabolism, flushes toxins, and keeps the body hydrated and charged. Similarly, it cleans the mouth, stimulates salivary productions, supplies minerals to the gums, and nourishes them.

To witness a change in dental health, start drinking ample water alongside maintaining good oral hygiene, and visit our dental clinic in Pune to have complete your oral health checkup.