Wisdom teeth occur between the age of 16-25 and are also known as third molars. While many people don’t bother removing their wisdom teeth, some tend to experience pain and discomfort that makes them consider
wisdom tooth surgery in Pune.

Experts recommend people to get rid of their wisdom teeth even if it doesn’t cause any pain. Why? Read further to understand the top 5 reasons to consider wisdom teeth removal surgery.

  1. Wisdom teeth are hard to clean: Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your jaw and are often very close to each other. It makes it hard for you to reach them while brushing or flossing, thus increasing your chances of the tooth cavity. Tooth cavity results in tooth decay and can be a painful experience to get rid of them.
  2. Wisdom teeth cause inflamed gums: We have limited space in our mouth to accumulate all the teeth. Due to the limited space, wisdom tooth grows oddly in your mouth, making your gums inflamed, red, and can even cause infection, which again can be painful to bear.
  3. Tooth damage: Wisdom tooth not just affect your gums but also the nearby teeth. Your other teeth need space to grow, and the wisdom teeth occupy that space, making it overcrowded inside your mouth. As a result, it can damage the adjacent tooth, and the damage can lead to a root canal treatment.
  4. Tooth Cysts and Tumours: Wisdom tooth that is not removed can develop in tooth cysts and tumors around the region. In some cases, they might be completely harmless, but in other cases, it can develop into major complications.
  5. A wisdom tooth can cause a problem later: Either they grow in the wrong way or irritate your mouth, removing them is always a wise decision to protect your oral health. With time, the wisdom tooth grows their roots inside your gums, making it harder and painful to remove.

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