Children see two sets of teeth within the first ten years. Their teeth and gums are immature and tender; hence, supervising their dental hygiene is crucial to prevent bacterial germination and cavities. Dental checkups play an important role in building and maintaining kid’s dental health. But parents must look after their kid’s oral habits at home as well.

Our pediatric dentist in Pune gives some important tips for teaching good dental habits to kids.

For Children Below Five Years Age

Note- Supervise your child while brushing so that they do not gulp the tooth taste foam, which is harmful.

For Children Between Five to Ten years

Five to ten years children are grown-ups; at least big enough to follow your instructions. Hence, in this age bracket, supervision and habit formation plays an important role. The good dental habits inculcation include:

For Adolescents

Adolescents have fully grown permanent teeth. However, most children get their dental correction with braces in adolescence. The best practices for maintaining healthy teeth in adolescence are:

Healthy habit formation ensures teeth longevity and prevents cavities. Also, dental visits should be mandatorily included in your healthy dental regime. Oswal Dental Clinic has been providing comprehensive dental care for all ages. Our pediatric dentist in Pune invigilates the deepest crevices in the mouth with special microscopic lenses and indicates dental corrections at the earliest, saving a lot of precious time and investment, and preventing absenteeism. So, choose Oswal Dental Clinic for absolute dental checkups.