As far as hygiene is concerned, dental hygiene is a priority and should not be overlooked. According to the data, about 20 % of children aged 5-19 have at least one tooth decay. Parents need to pay attention to nurturing good dental habits right from the very beginning and supervise kids even after they grow. Gums are the foundation of strong teeth, so right from the time teeth start spurting from gums, mums should be careful to keep them clean and healthy to avoid future inconvenience to a child.

Here are some tips for maintaining dental health and hygiene of kids; based on the age group of children

Tips for the dental health of infants

  1. Wipe your babies’ gums with a soft washcloth to cleanse for preventing the breeding of germs in the mouth.
  2. Once the teeth start popping, clean them with fluoride toothpaste using a very soft bristles brush. Ensure to take paste not more than the size of the grain.
  3. As soon as babies finish the milk, take off the milk bottles to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.
  4. Affix an appointment with a dentist before your baby turns one, and after that, ensure to visit a dentist every six months.

Tips for kids aged 3-15

  1. A three-year-old is too young to understand the process of brushing, so parents may require to assist them in doing it in the right way.
  2. Give your 3-7 yr child a fluoride toothpaste not more than the size of a pea. Fluoride toothpaste helps in preventing cavities. Make sure to supervise them while brushing so that they don’t gulp the foam.
  3. Inculcate a practice of brushing for two minutes, twice a day, every day.
  4. Your grown-up child needs supervision for the maintenance of long-term good practice.
  5. Ensure they floss their teeth at least once a day.
  6. Seek consultation with a dentist in Pune every six months to ensure your child’s good oral health.
  7. If your kid loves water sports, remind them to wear a mouth guard to prevent tarnish of teeth from chloride water.

The teens are comparatively aware and do not require stringent supervision as tots do. Develop healthy communication with your adolescent or teen child and encourage them to maintain a hygienic habit for life.

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