What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is the branch of dentistry that primarily aims to improve the appearance of teeth and bite irregularities. When orthodontic treatment begins at the right age, it prevents potential dental problems, restores the normal functioning of teeth, and even contributes to clear speech in some cases.

What are the causes of orthodontic problems in kids?

Several factors that give rise to orthodontic problems in kids are as follows:


Given below are some signs that your child may require orthodontic treatment:

When can a child start orthodontic treatment?

Traditionally, treatment with dental braces begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby teeth, and a majority of the adult teeth have grown in. There are three age-related stages of orthodontic treatment that are as follows:

Stage 1: Early treatment

Early treatment is for the kids who are 2-6 years old. The main goal of early treatment is to provide enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt correctly.

Stage 2: Middle dentition

Middle dentition is for those children who are 6-12 years old. The goals of middle dentition treatment are to realign wayward jaws, start to correct crossbites, and start the process of straightening permanently misaligned teeth.

Stage 3: Adolescent dentition

Adolescent dentition is for those who are thirteen or older. Adolescent dentition aims to straighten the permanent teeth and improve the aesthetics of the smile.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

For children who display severe orthodontic irregularities, early orthodontic treatment can provide many benefits such as:

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