Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the gums’ inner pulp decays, causing a tooth to become weak and loosen eventually. The time required for the root canal treatment depends on the patient’s root canal site’s condition. If the patient is young and healthy, the root canal heals faster naturally.

There are certain factors you need to know about root canals while planning one for yourself.

What is the Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment, or the endodontic treatment, involves a series of dental treatments in which the infected pulp is incised out, and dental medications/fillings are put in the root canal site. This procedure treats infections and prevents further invasion of bacteria or foreign bodies.

When is root canal treatment suggested?

The root canal is a common treatment these days. With changing lifestyle, eating habits, and reduced immunity, dental problems are common among all ages. Hence, the treatment is suggested in cases when:

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

With the latest technological advancement, and expert dentist professionals performing a root canal, it does not take more than 60-90 minutes. But, healing takes time and depends on certain factors like:

Is it Safe?

Yes, absolutely. It is one of the most common procedures and takes less than two hours on average, and the patient is relieved on the same day of treatment. It is safe and a way to prevent further infection to gums, which can have serious consequences.

Is It Painful?

The procedure is to relieve you from the pain caused due to infection. However, this is a slightly invasive treatment that gives minimal pain when done with the latest equipment and practiced hands of eminent dentists of the best dental clinic in Pune.

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