Your teeth can develop dark shades or spots at any point in your life. While it looks unpleasant, it can also cause bad breath and a foul smell. According to our dental doctor in Pune, there are several causes of tooth discoloration.

Causes of tooth discoloration

All these teeth discoloring causes can be easily undone through modern teeth whitening treatments. There are two basic types of treatment of teeth whitening treatment as discussed below.

Teeth whitening with laser

The laser bleaching procedure can give you results in just 30 minutes. Generally, one-time bleaching is sufficient.

The teeth-whitening procedure with laser:

In-office teeth whitening

This procedure requires less time. In this technique, the whitening gel is directly applied to the teeth. Results are visible within 30-40 minutes. The number of appointments depends on the shade of the patient.

How long does the treatment last?

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution. If the patient restarts consuming foods and beverages that cause stains, the teeth can stain again. However, our dental doctor in Pune says that with proper precaution and care, the treatment results can last a year long.

Advantages of teeth-whitening:

The treatment has advantages and disadvantages, yet it is necessary to treat the discolored teeth before it causes additional problems and infections that may lead to severe dental problems and tooth loss.

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