8 Trivia Facts About Teeth That’ll Raise Your Eyebrows For Sure

‘Teeth is not considered as bone.’ Yeah; since they don't have any bone marrow or direct nerves to get nourishment, our teeth aren’t considered as a part of our skeleton structure. Weird right? Not really, in fact, there are several other uniquely weird facts about our teeth and oral health which are rarely known to us and are equally eye popping to read. Here are some of those trivia facts to boggle your brains and […]

Understanding the Importance of Braces in Orthodontics

Understanding the Importance of Braces in Orthodontics Dental braces and retainers are predominantly used as a corrective measure to treat a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. Thanks to the advancements in the dental field, an array of treatments have come forward and proved to offer long-term results such as retainers and braces. Although a dentist can offer the basic alignment and orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist specializes in correcting the deformities and irregularities of the teeth.  Our orthodontists […]