Are you looking for an alternative for lost teeth? Have you thought of Dental Implants? Let’s walk you through some wonderful benefits dental implants offer, so you won’t think twice about having this procedure.

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Having Dental Implants

● As Strong as Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the closest match to natural teeth. It enhances the look giving a better appearance and mental satisfaction of good looks. Special care is taken at the dental office to match the crown shade, test its quality and take accurate measurements before placing the crowns on the dental implants.

The dental implants are firm structures that are fixed at the root of the jawbone. The screw is made of titanium that adheres to the jaw-bone in some time, giving it natural strength and stability.

● Safe and Nothing To Fear About

Many fear dental implants thinking it is an invasive procedure. But dental implants in Pune are done by well-qualified dentists, with the administration of anesthesia, if needed. Dental implants are routine minimally invasive surgery with success rates up to 98%. So, there is nothing to fear about.

● Protects Against Bone Loss

The Implant structure is made of titanium that is bone-friendly and adheres to bone and tissues surrounding the roots shortly. The dental implants, in fact, increase bone strength and mitigate the chances of bone loss due to tooth loss.

Due to the injury, or tooth extraction, the roots get affected, due to which the sensation to the root decreases. Over time, the nerves in the cavity lose their sensory function that also recedes the proper bone function in that particular place leading to bone loss.

● Easy Maintenance

The Implants need as minimum maintenance as daily dental care. You only need to follow a good dental regime, including brushing, flossing, and visiting dentists at least twice a year. In case you had a recent implant, you may have to visit a couple of times more for better precautions.

● Other Health Benefits

Dental Implants not only improve aesthetics, but they help a person maintain a daily diet. A recent study indicates that tooth loss is associated with a nutritional deficiency in adults. Another study found that those who lost five or more teeth before 65 years of age are at greater risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis condition due to deficient diet.

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