Dental implants in Pune

Dental implant treatment in Pune

Patients with tooth loss due to periodontal issues, tooth decay, or any other reason need not worry about the right choice of permanent replacement. With dental implants to their rescue, the functionality and aesthetics of natural tooth would never be missed. Being an artificial replacement for natural tooth, there is no better, lifetime lasting, and secured dental restoration procedure other than dental implants to help mankind. Oswal dental clinic, renowned for dental implants in Pune, is always at the forefront for offering the latest dental technology and hence it is no wonder we bring back your genuine smile within minimum possible time.


An implant made out of titanium, one of the highly corrosion resistant metals, is surgically fixed inside the jaw bones. Once they are permanently and biologically accepted by your body, these root like devices are used to attach dental restoration devices that can aesthetically replicate a single or group of missing teeth


Missing tooth is not only an aesthetic issue, but also presents severe functionality problems pertaining to speaking, biting, and chewing. Moreover, unattended medical condition of missing tooth may lead to deterioration of jawbone and can seriously damage the facial structure. As dental implants are permanent in nature, they can very well be the best tooth option next only to the natural one. Additionally, dental implants are recommended on these medical conditions too:

  • Improper chewing or biting with dentures
  • Loss of back teeth, where conventional dental bridge is not possible
  • Weak adjacent teeth


The entire treatment is spanned across 2 to 3 sessions, during each of which, fixation of implants, placement of replacement tooth and cementing of crown are carried out sequentially. Being a surgical procedure, it is conducted under local sedation and hence patients need not be apprehensive about the pain. As it is imperative for the implant to fuse with bone, which usually takes around 4 months, the entire treatment schedule is spread across a period of six months. Ofcourse for patients with urgent need of dental implants, our dental doctors in Pune also provide ‘One day dental implants’, provided all other parameters such as bone structure and prevalent medical conditions favor the candidature.


Dental implants in pune can be successfully performed on all cases, except for growing children. It can even be successfully carried out for patients with ailments such as hypertension and diabetes. Nevertheless, every candidature is ascertained by our doctors in Oswal Dental Clinic through comprehensive diagnostic tests.


As we believe in providing the most suited dental implants to our patients, we always resort to criterions such as oral hygiene and general physical and medical condition to decide the perfect type of treatment procedure.

  • Single tooth replacement with ceramic crowns
  • Multiple tooth replacement with bridge supported implants
  • Full mouth replacement
  • Removable implant over dentures
  • Fixed implant supported bridge

As with any other treatment, our doctors at Oswal Dental Clinic always stress for proper post care treatment to ensure speedy recovery. Hence we always educate and emphasize them to take necessary prescription medicines and adopt precautions to promote quick healing.
Renowned for affordable treatment of dental implants in Pune, we at Oswal Dental Clinic offer the best alternative to your missing natural teeth. If you would like to take remedial actions for your missing tooth, Oswal Dental Clinic is happy to serve you. Contact us to know more about the procedure, cost, and expected results.



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