You might have the right idea that stress can affect your mental health, But do you know stress also affects your dental health? You may not realize just how stress affects your teeth, gums, and oral health. When dental offices reopened post-COVID lockdowns, dentists received long queues of patients with similar symptoms of dental issues. According to the best dental doctors in Pune, It is found that stress leads to several dental issues.

Here is a discussion about the six most impacted stress-related dental issues:

Tooth fractures:

Teeth are prone to wear and tear due to regular use. But enough evidence is found to prove stressed expedites the tooth fracture process. The more you are stressed, the more likely jaws will involuntarily grind teeth, leading to broken or fractured teeth. So if your teeth contact while resting, you might need to wear a nightguard.

Teeth grinding:

Teeth grinding affects adults as well as children in different ways. According to studies, about one-third of adults grind their teeth during the daytime; 10% of people grind their teeth at night during sleep.

Teeth grinding over the surface of the teeth wears down the teeth over time, often before visual signs show up. Early warning signs of grinding include headaches, pain, earaches, and jaw stiffness. If you’re experiencing these symptoms regularly, see a dentist.

Sensitive teeth:

Teeth grinding or jaw-shaking can detrimentally wear enamel: tooth’s protective outer layer. Enamel is one of the hardest thick tissue in the body that protect other dental layers. Stress thins enamel leading to sensitivity. Typically, people see sharp shooting pain when they drink hot, cold, sweet, or sour. So you too see any of these symptoms, you might need to consult dental doctors in Pune.

Oral Pain:

Studies have shown a link between stressful events and increased tooth, gum, or mouth ailments. Sometimes it’s easy to spot the source of the pain, but other times it is tough to identify dental pain cause. Therefore, it is better to visit a dentist rather than live with the discomfort. A dentist can evaluate your overall oral health and identify (and treat) potential problems before they become bigger problems.

Canker sores:

Little ulcers on the posterior surface of your mouth or gums can be quite unpleasant; though they’re not serious, and they’re not harmful, but they can make eating a chore. The dentist observed several children with canker chore problems and suspected that lockdown-stress might cause canker cases among children. Most canker sores will go away in about a week without any treatment. However, if you’re experiencing frequent canker sores, consult a dentist.

Gum Disease:

Poor oral hygiene maintenance and consuming excessive sugary, acidic food contribute to gum problems. The research found people ate more sugary or acidic foods to compensate for their stress. As a result, more people visited dental offices for gum issues.

Managing your stress may benefit your dental health. In addition, incorporating yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises helps in reducing stress and better mind and body management. If you notice any dental problems, visit Oswal Dental Clinic for an adept dental solution by the best dentist in Pune.