How does poor oral health affect your overall wellness?

The link between oral health and overall health disorders often goes unnoticed. Poor oral health is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle and puts people at risk for many other diseases. People with bad teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues; these circumstances may lead to serious health problems. Given below are some such health issues addressed by dental doctors in Pune: Cardiovascular diseases Cardiovascular diseases are one of […]

Best Dental Practices for Keeping Children’s Teeth Healthy

Children see two sets of teeth within the first ten years. Their teeth and gums are immature and tender; hence, supervising their dental hygiene is crucial to prevent bacterial germination and cavities. Dental checkups play an important role in building and maintaining kid’s dental health. But parents must look after their kid’s oral habits at home as well. Our pediatric dentist in Pune gives some important tips for teaching good dental habits to kids. For […]

Teeth Whitening Solutions To Clean Out your Teeth Stains

Your teeth can develop dark shades or spots at any point in your life. While it looks unpleasant, it can also cause bad breath and a foul smell. According to our dental doctor in Pune, there are several causes of tooth discoloration. Causes of tooth discoloration Coffee stains Cigarette Tobacco Trauma to the tooth Tetracycline stains Enamel hypoplasia Jaundice Side effects of certain medications All these teeth discoloring causes can be easily undone through modern […]

A Quick Guide To Maintaining Healthy Gums

Most of us care primarily about teeth alignment, color, and basic dental issues like tooth decaying and cavity.  But we ignore the most important part of oral health that is gums. Most dental issues start with gums problems. According to our dentist in Pune, having cavity-free and white crystal teeth is not a sign of healthy oral health. There are chances that you may get infected with other gums-related problems. A  thin layer of microorganisms […]

Dental Health and Hygiene Tips For Little Ones

Dental hygiene

As far as hygiene is concerned, dental hygiene is a priority and should not be overlooked. According to the data, about 20 % of children aged 5-19 have at least one tooth decay.  Parents need to pay attention to nurturing good dental habits right from the very beginning and supervise kids even after they grow. Gums are the foundation of strong teeth, so right from the time teeth start spurting from gums, mums should be […]