Dental implants are designed to resemble the characteristics of the natural tooth. However, the purpose of implantology isn’t limited to fill in the missing or damaged teeth but also to preserve complete oral health. From replacing a single lost tooth to fixing edentulism, every dentist now recommends dental implants only because of the advantages they provide. For people who lose their teeth due to erosion, infection or removal, dental implants are the most common solution.

A single broken or damaged tooth disrupts the entire jaw system. As all teeth support each other, the gap created due to the lost tooth causes the neighbouring teeth to lose their shape and strength too. Implants are performed to replace the tooth root with a titanium screw which helps in holding the remaining tooth or the false teeth on the jawbone and act like orthodontic anchors.

Dental Implants are usually installed in two separate procedures as the jawbone needs to heal around the screw base of the implant before the new prosthetic tooth is fitted onto it.


  • Your mouth will be completely numbed with local anaesthesia so you won’t feel any pain.
  • A small hole will be drilled into your jawbone to fit the base of the implant. The internal screw (also known as the abutment) will then be fitted into the hole in the centre of the implant.

Now, this structure, where the false prosthesis is to be connected to the real jaw bone, goes through a biological process called Osseointegration and the material of the abutment forms a strong bond with the jaw bone. This process may take a few months before you can go for the implant procedure.

Second Procedure For Final Implant:

  • Once the abutment has blended with the jaw, and ideal prosthetic tooth implant will be created by taking a dental impression of your natural teeth.
  • This implant will be fitted over the base by screwing.

This procedure requires variable healing time based on the patient’s overall health and the success rate of the osseointegration process.

Benefits Of Dental Implants:
  • Implanting a prosthetic tooth reestablishes the strength of the jawbone and prevents the adjacent teeth from losing theirs.
  • The materials used for manufacturing dental roots and crowns are strong enough to provide natural bite force without stressing the jawbone.
  • Implants never decay and also prevent the infections from reaching the jawbone safeguarding the remaining healthy teeth.
  • The basic precautions and care necessary for natural teeth are enough to maintain the implants too.
  • Today, dentists can provide customized implants which accurately match the shade and contour of a patient’s teeth structure.

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