Permanent retainers for your teeth are alignment tools that an orthodontist often recommends to keep your things in place after removing your braces. These retainers consist of metal wires that latch onto your teeth to keep them from shifting. Although the effect of braces does not last long, permanent retainers are getting preferences to maintain well-aligned teeth.

The retainers work well, but you need to ask whether you need a retainer. A quick read through the following article will help you get an insight on permanent retainers that will help you answer the question.


Understanding retainers

As the name suggests, a permanent retainer is supposed to stay on your teeth for an indefinite amount of time. Thus, a better understanding of the retainer is required before getting one. Retainers are designed to have a lasting effect on your teeth and keep them aligned for life.

Retainers are mostly attached to the lower jaw, which sits on your teeth and preferably on top of canine teeth to increase their effectiveness. A permanent retainer is built from a metal wire connected to the teeth with a bonding agent. The wire keeps the teeth in place and prevents them from moving.


Pros and cons of permanent retainers

Permanent retainers after braces sound like a good solution for your misaligned teeth, but they come with sets of advantages and drawbacks that one should be aware of.


Pros of the retainer

Cons of the retainer


Taking care of permanent retainers

As convenient as permanent retainers after braces sound for your daily activity, a significant amount of care must be put in.


Final Takeaway

Permanent retainers do work for what it was made for, but it requires quite a bit of maintenance. Removal retainers are still a good option despite being less convenient than providing functionality without the other cons. It is usually suggested to talk to your dentist about what will work best for you.


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