Many oral conditions, such as tooth loss, impacted teeth, facial injury, and jaw-related problems, may require oral and maxillofacial surgery. At Oswal Dental Clinic, our tea of dental experts and oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Pune are certified experts to perform all kinds of dental conditions.

Why do you need an OMF Surgeon?

Often our general dentists will help you maintain your oral health by prescribing medications and treatments such as teeth whitening and root canal treatment. However, there are times when our dentist in Pune might recommend an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for certain types of treatment.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a surgical speciality that concerns diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions affecting the mouth, neck, jaw, face, and neck. The OMF surgeons also have the specialization to perform surgeries such as:

The Standard Oral Surgery Procedures

Here are some of the surgeries performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and why it is crucial to have the best surgeon in town:

1) Dental Implants: It is one of the most common surgeries performed by expert oral surgeons. During this procedure, a surgeon places a titanium post into the jawbone and tops it with a dental crown. Although your general dentist can also perform this surgery, professionalism and effective results tend to be higher when performed by an expert oral surgeon.

2) Cleft Palate or Lip Correction: They are common congenital disabilities, and fortunately, there are treatments available to cure cleft lips. However, a child is recommended cleft lip surgery once he/she is 9-12 months old. To attain the highest chances of a successful surgery, your child’s pediatrician and dentist work closely with an expert oral surgeon and restore the structure and appearance of the palate or lip.

3) Oral Cancer Treatment: Before recommending you to an oral surgeon, a general dentist shall examine your oral health to check for the signs of oral cancer. In case the doctor encounters any lumps or nodules around the jaw, an oral surgeon will be recommended to you for a further dental examination. An oral surgeon will perform a biopsy and determine the next treatment approach to treat
oral cancer.

4) Jaw Surgery: A misaligned teeth or misaligned bite can be painful and is often corrected with orthodontics. If you are concerned for your jaw appearance or desire to enhance your facial structure, our dental professionals will work along with oral surgeons to create a treatment plan to correct the position of your jawbone.

5) Facial Injury Repair: In case someone meets with an accident and damage their facial bones, an
OMF surgeon reconstructs their broken bones and ensure that the fractured bones do not create any infection or damage the surrounding teeth.


We, at Oswal Dental Clinic, ensure our patients receives the best dental treatments for all of their dental concerns. Therefore, our specialized team of dental surgeons and trained staff members constantly upgrade themselves with new medical inventions and approach to offer the best dental care to our patients. Book your appointment and get all of your dental concerns resolved.


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