Do I need permanent retainers after braces?

  Permanent retainers for your teeth are alignment tools that an orthodontist often recommends to keep your things in place after removing your braces. These retainers consist of metal wires that latch onto your teeth to keep them from shifting. Although the effect of braces does not last long, permanent retainers are getting preferences to maintain well-aligned teeth. The retainers work well, but you need to ask whether you need a retainer. A quick read […]

What to expect before and after dental braces

The experience of getting dental braces differs for each person depending on the braces types that are opted for. For example, if you have selected traditional braces, it contains bonding glue, elastic rubber bands, metal brackets, and wires, but if you choose Invisalign braces, you would be wearing personalized aligners for around 20 to 22 hours a day.   So, read this article to get a clear idea about what to expect before and after […]