Receding Gum treatment: causes & surgery

receding gums treatment

  Receding gums are nothing to scoff at as, in most cases, they can indicate any underlying periodontal diseases. Gum recession, as the name suggests, highlights a condition where the gums pull away from your teeth, exposing the roots. The hardest pill to swallow is that there are no guaranteed cures for the condition; however, it can be toned down to stay under control with much-needed treatment and surgery.  If you are willing to dive […]

Dental Veneers- Pros and Cons

We wrote this article to give you an overview of Veneers teeth-pros and cons

  Dental veneers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance your smile for good. Made of composite resin or water-thin porcelain, it helps you to conceal your teeth’ imperfections, like chips and discolorations.  Every dental process has merits and demerits, and veneer teeth are no different. Knowing the veneer teeth pros and cons might help you to understand if they are the correct choice for enhancing the cosmetic charm of your smile.  […]

How is professional teeth cleaning done, and what you should know about it?

Teeth Cleaning

  Professional teeth cleaning aims to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental hygienists and dentists perform professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office, usually alongside a comprehensive dental exam. Let’s examine how often you should get your teeth cleaned. How often should you get your teeth cleaned? Recently, the 6-month standard has been deemed arbitrary by some experts. For example, one 2013 study suggested that people who visit twice yearly don’t necessarily improve their […]

Difference Between Molars and Premolars

Difference between Molars and Premolars

The mouth, or the oral cavity, plays a major role in healthy body functioning. In the oral cavity, there are different types of teeth, which have different functions, shapes, and times of the eruption. Over the course of your life, we develop two different sets of teeth; 20 primary teeth, which come in the early months, and 32 permanent teeth, which later replace the primary teeth. The tooth anatomy Crowns The crown is the top […]

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures

Many oral conditions, such as tooth loss, impacted teeth, facial injury, and jaw-related problems, may require oral and maxillofacial surgery. At Oswal Dental Clinic, our tea of dental experts and oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Pune are certified experts to perform all kinds of dental conditions.  Why do you need an OMF Surgeon? Often our general dentists will help you maintain your oral health by prescribing medications and treatments such as teeth whitening and root canal treatment. However, […]