15 Dos and Don’ts For Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Wisdom teeth are teeth that start to erupt after we hit the age of 17. If there is not enough space for them to grow, these teeth cause a lot of pain which is why we may have to extract them. Other reasons why you might need wisdom tooth extraction are an impacted tooth or the formation of cysts, tumors, or even gum disease. We all know that wisdom tooth extraction can be a very […]

5 Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Mandatory?

Wisdom teeth occur between the age of 16-25 and are also known as third molars. While many people don’t bother removing their wisdom teeth, some tend to experience pain and discomfort that makes them consider wisdom tooth surgery in Pune. Experts recommend people to get rid of their wisdom teeth even if it doesn’t cause any pain. Why? Read further to understand the top 5 reasons to consider wisdom teeth removal surgery. Wisdom teeth are […]