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How to get rid of toothache…?

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Toothache can be because of various reasons like loose tooth, sensitivity or even due to wisdom tooth. You may know the pain when you are having any cold or hot beverage/food. Remember, this pain is early sign and symptom of decaying of the teeth. However, if you have continuous pain for over two days, you need to show it to your Dentist in Pune immediately. Your tooth might need some dental work.

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Children mostly suffer from tooth decay that causes pain and for them too, a dentist visit is a must. So, if your kid is complaining of a continuous pain in his tooth, you need to make an appointment with any of the dentists in pune instantly. You need to even visit the dentist if you or your kid have fever because of the toothache or if either of you have trouble in swallowing food or even in breathing.
There are few steps which you can take to get rid of toothache till your next visit to the dentist. Firstly, make sure you floss your teeth regularly, removing any food particles stuck between the teeth or the gum line. This can be the cause of pain. If your kid has toothache, help him through the flossing job.

Secondly, make it a point after every meal to rinse your mouth properly with warm water and spit it. This helps in removing stuck food particles that might cause toothache.

Moreover if a visit to the dentists in pune seems difficult, you can ask over the counter at nearby chemist for pain relief medications. Mostly opt for pain reliever with benzocaine which you can apply on your tooth that is paining. Avoid applying any aspirin or other pain killers directly on your aching tooth or your gum tissues as it might burn.

Toothache is mostly caused by bacteria which are found on starch or sugar in food particles inside your mouth after a meal. A layer of sticky plaque gets formed on your surface of the teeth and these bacteria can produce acid. This acid is known to erode the covering of the teeth, creating a cavity. The first and foremost sign of tooth decay is of course pain in the teeth, which happens when you eat or drink something which is too cold, hot or sweet. Daily flossing and brushing your teeth twice can make this pain avoidable both for you and your family.

The pain in the teeth can spread to your jaws, ears and cheeks and even causes fever. Constant pain can be whilst chewing any food, increased sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks, jaws swelling and bleeding from your gums or teeth.

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