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A smile is the greatest asset of an individual and it can in fact make you look younger. Improper bites or Malocclusion are the common problems which many face. It can hamper your looks as well as lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. Malocclusion are mainly caused due to disproportionate jaw relationships, irregularity of teeth or both. With advancement in orthodontics these deformities and facial irregularities can be corrected and you can look and feel best.


Orthodontics is a specialization in dentistry which deals in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of both Dental and Facial irregularities. It mainly deals in treating the following conditions:
# Over Crowding
# Deep Overbite
# Open Bite
# Overjet or Upper protruding teeth
# Underbite or Lower protruding jaw
# Crossbite
# Spaces in between teeth


Orthodontists specialize in the treatment of these irregularities. While diagnosing, a malocclusion an Orthodontist ascertains the main reason for the dentofacial deformity. Next they define the problem which includes the etiology. After generating reports for the cause of irregularities, the orthodontists will determine accordingly the specific strategy which needs to be adopted while treating patient. The process and type of treatment is discussed in detail with the patient before commencing the treatment.


The orthodontic treatment may seem complicated but it is actually a very simple procedure. Orthodontists are professionally skilled and have the expertise in design, application and control of the various corrective appliances which includes braces and aligners which help in proper alignment of teeth, jaws and lips and thereby improving the person’s appearance and achieve facial balance.

The orthodontists uses the following methods of orthodontic treatment while treating improper bites and Malocclusions.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces are small, efficient and comfortable materials which are used for correcting the irregularities.

Clear Braces

With the advancement in orthodontics, the patient has the option of choosing clear or colored, metal braces or brackets. Clear braces are less noticeable and the patient will not feel uneasy.

Internal Braces or Lingual

These braces are attached to the inside or lingual side of the teeth. This makes them completely invisible. Lingual orthodontics is ideal for people who are in showbiz and those who have to make public appearances.


Invisalign is considered to be a sophisticated method for straightening teeth. A series of clear removable aligners are used to straighten your teeth instead of brackets or metal wires. It is a perfect option for treating the following oral problems:

# Late or Early or loss of baby teeth
# Difficulty in biting or chewing
# Problem of Mouth Breathing
# Improper teeth formation like crowding
# Blocked or Misplaced teeth
# Shifting jaws or jaws that make sounds
# Cheek biting
# Biting roof of the mouth

Dr. Nitin Oswal and Dr. Krupali Oswal of Oswal Dentil Clinic are one of the best orthodontist in Pune providing optimal orthodontic treatments and dental care at the clinic. We have a team of professional qualified orthodontists who are trained in the latest and advanced procedures of treatment. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipments and by choosing our orthodontic treatment you can be assured of improvement in dental health, beautiful and irresistible smiles which will eventually lead to enhancement of quality of life for both young and old. For best results we ensure proper coordination between the patients and the orthodontists.

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