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Preventive Care

Every part of our body is gifted by God in a way that it is the best possible choice for our body. Our hair, eyes, teeth, etc., are best when in its natural form. After undergoing treatments, one can get rid of any problem or defect caused due to various reasons, but after treatments one has to take necessary precautions and care. For example, with our original teeth we can enjoy all different types of food, but when we get a cap installed on it we have to take precautions and avoid certain foods like non-vegetarian foods, chewing gum, etc. Let us speak about the same in detail. However, these doctors also suggest preventive care so that one does not need to opt for dental surgeries or treatments. What are these preventive treatments and how do these treatments help? The answer to all these questions is given in coming paragraphs.

What is preventive care?

There are two types of treatments or care. One is preventive and other is corrective. It is advisable to opt for preventive care in all scenarios. Preventive care is taking required precautions right from beginning, such that the problem does not occur. Corrective care on the other hand takes place after a problem has occurred. In this case, one suffers from problem and then has to spend hefty amounts on getting rid of the same. Thus, it is always advisable to opt for preventive care.

Any doctor or health specialist always recommends preventive care. They always instruct you to follow a certain routine, which helps you maintain your health.

Preventive care for teeth:

We are taught to take preventive care of our teeth right from our childhood. Remember, how your mother scolded you to brush your teeth properly and on time. That was nothing but preventive care. It might have sounded irritating for many of us then, but the ones who opted for it surely have healthy teeth, than the ones who hated brushing their teeth nicely and twice a day.

Some such preventive care tips are as follows:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day, properly with good toothpaste and a toothbrush. While brushing your teeth, make sure that your brush reaches every corner of your mouth, such that the gums, tongue, tooth, are all cleaned thoroughly. We need to choose a right toothbrush, which has proper angular bristles.
  2. Make sure that you rinse your mouth after eating anything. When we eat anything the food particles enter the slight gaps between our teeth and if not removed will stay and lead to tooth decay. Thus, after anything we must rinse our mouth thoroughly.
  3. We must avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine based drinks. These things lead to yellowing of teeth.
  4. Consumption of calcium is essential for healthy, strong and white teeth. Make sure that you consume dairy products in sufficient quantities.
  5. Last but not the least go for a dental check up once in six months, even if you do not have any problem.



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