5 Common Dental Myths Busted!

Dentists often come across weird concerns of their patients such as, does dental treatment cause poor eyesight? Why can’t I prevent plaque formation with regular brushing? Myths around us often manipulate these concerns. In this blog, our expert dentist in Pune has busted a few common dental myths that most of the patients have accepted as a fact. Myth 1: Brushing Your Teeth vigorously Aggressive brushing can cause abrasion, which means the loss of your […]

Coronavirus Pandemic: Tips For Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a respiratory illness with symptoms almost similar to common cold and flu. It can affect any individual, but people with an underlying health condition or poor immune system are at higher risk of getting infected with this virus.  Till date, there is no vaccine or cure for this virus. Doctors are encouraging people to maintain good health and practise social distancing to avoid the transmission of the virus.  Many people don’t […]

These 3 Core Oral Care Habits Can Help You Protect & Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel Throughout Your Life

The enamel, i.e., the outer coating of our teeth, has many enemies. Right from sugary candies and salted chips to high-starch foods and acidic drinks, the enamel layer tackles several of such food item deposits while trying to protect the inner teeth structure. And since teeth cannot regenerate like the other bones, a worn-down enamel layer exposes the inner tooth to various decaying disorders and makes you spend a fortune during your visits to dental clinics […]