The enamel, i.e., the outer coating of our teeth, has many enemies. Right from sugary candies and salted chips to high-starch foods and acidic drinks, the enamel layer tackles several of such food item deposits while trying to protect the inner teeth structure. And since teeth cannot regenerate like the other bones, a worn-down enamel layer exposes the inner tooth to various decaying disorders and makes you spend a fortune during your visits to dental clinics in Pune.

Hence, it is vital to be informed of the factors that can weaken the enamel and also the ones that help strengthen it. To get started, read and apply the following factors in your routine practices to ensure a long and healthy life of your teeth.

Rethink Your Diet To Be More Enamel Friendly

Candy, cookies, soft drinks, breads, biscuits, chips, and many sugar-laden breakfast cereals contain a common element called fermantable carbohydrates, which oral bacterias feed on and produce acids. The more of these foods you eat, the more harmful acids are produced with break down the enemal tissues.

This process is called, deminiralization, as the minerals that form the enamel coating are lost. The only prominent solution to tackle this problem is remineralization, i.e., eating foods that supply enamel enriching minerals and promote saliva production.

There are a variety of whole grains, fruits, veggies, and low-fat dairy products which provide necessary dental nutrients without promoting bacterial growth, such as cheese, chicken, strawberries, leafy vegetables, celery, etc.

Brush With The Right Products In The Right Way

Bruising your teeth twice a day is helpful when you use the right type of brush and toothpaste. 

You can use any toothpaste brand that contains sufficient amount of fluoride ad other reminalizing contents in each brushing batch. 

Many dentist in Pune, including ours, recommend patients to use soft bristtled brushes with good flexibiliy. Ideally, you should change your brush every three to four months or as soon as the bristles get frayed. 

It is also recommended that you floss before brushing. While brushing, ensure that you get all the surfaces srubbed and be gentle over the gumline.

Check For Bruxisum And Get Promptly Treated

Some of us have a compulsive habit of grinding or clenching our teeth while asleep or even during the day. Such teeth grinding and clenching habits fall under bruxism which should be checked and treated by consulting a good dentist in Pune.

Bruxism weakens the tooth enamel or even cause flattened, fractured, or chipped teeth. Generally, custom fitting mouthgaurds are the best options to treat such compulsive disorders.

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