June 27, 2020

Everything About TMJ Disorders

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a sliding synovial hinge-type joint secures your lower jaw ends in the skull, allowing it to hang one and shut close. On each end, the lower jaw bone, also known as the mandible bone, is hinged from both sides to the temporal bone of the skull, which led to the name of this joint. Since it is part of the entire jaw structure, TMJ disorders are treated by dentists and
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June 10, 2020

All About Dental Cavities

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What Are Dental Cavities? Also known as dental caries, cavities are tiny holes formed over the tooth enamel with keep widening over time. It is one of the most common health problems in the world as anyone with teeth is likely to develop cavities. Initially, these cavities start as ‘microcavities’ or ‘incipient cavities,’ which don’t pose any direct threat to the teeth. However, as these tiny holes get deeper, they can lead to severe toothache,
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‘Teeth is not considered as bone.’ Yeah; since they don't have any bone marrow or direct nerves to get nourishment, our teeth aren’t considered as a part of our skeleton structure. Weird right? Not really, in fact, there are several other uniquely weird facts about our teeth and oral health which are rarely known to us and are equally eye popping to read. Here are some of those trivia facts to boggle your brains and
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Understanding the Importance of Braces in Orthodontics Dental braces and retainers are predominantly used as a corrective measure to treat a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. Thanks to the advancements in the dental field, an array of treatments have come forward and proved to offer long-term results such as retainers and braces. Although a dentist can offer the basic alignment and orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist specializes in correcting the deformities and irregularities of the teeth.  Our orthodontists
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Oswal Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive range of tooth replacement treatments, including the best dental implants in Pune. We understand how a healthy and fuller smile affect your different life aspects and instantly boost your confidence. Losing teeth due to tooth decay, infection, gum disease, or accidental trauma can severely impact your dental health. Fortunately, there are ample options to regain your missing teeth. You have to know the best option suitable for your smile.
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