Most of us care primarily about teeth alignment, color, and basic dental issues like tooth decaying and cavity.  But we ignore the most important part of oral health that is gums. Most dental issues start with gums problems. According to our dentist in Pune, having cavity-free and white crystal teeth is not a sign of healthy oral health. There are chances that you may get infected with other gums-related problems. A  thin layer of microorganisms
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People often do not take oral health seriously. Most individuals feel that brushing twice daily is sufficient to get healthy and strong teeth, which is right up to some extent. Toothache and pain get treated with home remedies, as not many people are concerned about the growing health condition inside their mouth. One reason for this can be the myths associated with oral health. So, our dentist in Pune has debunked some myths and facts
Are you looking for an alternative for lost teeth? Have you thought of Dental Implants? Let’s walk you through some wonderful benefits dental implants offer, so you won’t think twice about having this procedure. 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Having Dental Implants ●     As Strong as Natural Teeth Dental implants are the closest match to natural teeth. It enhances the look giving a better appearance and mental satisfaction of good looks. Special care is taken at
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A picture speaks a thousand words. Agreed! Similarly, a smile speaks a lot about a person’s personality. Having a healthy smile does not necessarily mean having perfectly white teeth. There is much more that goes into a healthy smile. Right from the overall condition of your gums, the bone around your teeth to the soft tissues and salivary glands inside your mouth, your smile is impacted by the overall well-being of these areas of your
Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the gums’ inner pulp decays, causing a tooth to become weak and loosen eventually. The time required for the root canal treatment depends on the patient’s root canal site’s condition. If the patient is young and healthy, the root canal heals faster naturally.  There are certain factors you need to know about root canals while planning one for yourself. What is the Root Canal Treatment?  A root canal treatment,
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