Teeth Cleaning
  Professional teeth cleaning aims to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental hygienists and dentists perform professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office, usually alongside a comprehensive dental exam. Let’s examine how often you should get your teeth cleaned. How often should you get your teeth cleaned? Recently, the 6-month standard has been deemed arbitrary by some experts. For example, one 2013 study suggested that people who visit twice yearly don’t necessarily improve their
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Gum bleeding
  Gum bleeding is very common and is usually not serious. You may notice some blood after brushing your teeth or flossing, which can irritate sensitive gums. A person’s gums bleed most commonly due to plaque or tartar buildup which allows bacteria to grow along the gums. Only good oral hygiene prevents sensitivity and bleeding. Try one of the following tips on how to stop gum bleeding immediately and prevent the bleeding from returning. Gauze
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Difference between Molars and Premolars
The mouth, or the oral cavity, plays a major role in healthy body functioning. In the oral cavity, there are different types of teeth, which have different functions, shapes, and times of the eruption. Over the course of your life, we develop two different sets of teeth; 20 primary teeth, which come in the early months, and 32 permanent teeth, which later replace the primary teeth. The tooth anatomy Crowns The crown is the top
How to prevent dry mouth while sleeping
What’s dry mouth? Waking up with a dry throat is very common. Dry mouth, also known as hyposalivation or xerostomia, occurs when the salivary glands present in the mouth do not produce enough saliva and thus create a dry environment in the mouth. According to statistics, dry mouth affects nearly 22% of the world’s population. Dry mouth can make daily life very uncomfortable and, in some cases, if left untreated, may even lead to gum
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Dos and Don’ts For Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Wisdom teeth are teeth that start to erupt after we hit the age of 17. If there is not enough space for them to grow, these teeth cause a lot of pain which is why we may have to extract them. Other reasons why you might need wisdom tooth extraction are an impacted tooth or the formation of cysts, tumors, or even gum disease. We all know that wisdom tooth extraction can be a very
Wisdom Tooth Surgery