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Wisdom Tooth Surgery Pune

Many of us fear from the mere thought of visiting a dentist. However, the fact is that the dentist not only cures our dental problems, but in turn it also helps us stay healthy. A healthy mouth is a sign of good health. We thus, have to visit the dentist in certain situations. One such situation is the Wisdom Tooth /Teeth problem. This is something that each one of us faces at certain point of age. Wisdom tooth is a tooth that starts erupting usually between 17-25 years of age. The trouble caused by this tooth is so immense that many times it has to be operated to get rid of it. We provide these treatments. Let us learn a little more about wisdom tooth and wisdom tooth extraction.

What is wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth or tooth are also known as molars that erupt after 17 years of age and can take place any time up to the age of 25. What is this teeth and why does it erupt is a question and it is answered by Anthropologists. Their studies say that the early humans had a diet, which caused immense wear and forward drifting of teeth, and thus led to the eruption of the wisdom teeth. Now a days, the diet is improved and aw food is out of our diet, thus there is less forward drifting, which leaves no space for this tooth causing problems in its eruption.

How is it impacted?

When there is less space in the dental arch, and any other bone or tooth obstructs the way of a tooth, the tooth gets impacted. It does not get proper space to erupt and thus causes severe pain and problem. Partially impacted tooth is when it partially erupts out of the gum, and when it fails to completely erupt out, it is fully impacted. This impaction is of different types and it causes different problems. The problems associated with it is as follows –

Horizontal – when the tooth erupts in a horizontal direction

Vertical – when it pushes other teeth and erupts vertically

Mesio Angular – it erupts in an angular position, etc.

All this lead to severe pain, inflamed gum, and might cause gum bleeding. Not only this, but the pressure of this tooth might disturb the alignment of other teeth and cause severe teeth problems like displacement, loosening of teeth, etc. moreover, when it is fully impacted, the surrounding developmental sac, fills with fluids and forms a cyst. As it grows further, it hollows out the jaw and might permanently damage the adjacent teeth.

When should this tooth be removed?

The best time to get rid of this problem is as early as possible. Right from when its starts erupting one should consult a dentists. In the initial stage the roots are not completely developed and thus can be removed easily.

Procedure of extraction:

A oral & maxillofacial surgeon performs this extraction. Before extraction, appropriate anesthesia is given to the patient. The position and depth of the tooth determines the complexity of extraction. The surgeon makes an incision in your gum at an appropriate location, some bone surrounding the wisdom tooth have to be removed, and the tooth is loosened/sectioned, so that it comes out easily. The wound is then stitched and allowed to heal .

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