Some Things to Consider When Selecting an Orthodontist

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Did you know that straight teeth help to speak, chew and bite effectively and are less prone to injury and decay unlike crooked teeth? Misaligned jaws contribute to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and excessive stress on the bone that supports the teeth and the jaw points and also gum tissues. Straight teeth are very important for optimal health. It is best to correct tooth and jaw misalignment at an early stage in order to prevent these problems. Early correction will also avoid any serious problems which might develop due to delay in treatment.

Tips for selecting an Orthodontist

These tips will help a person to analyze the various factors which are necessary while selecting an orthodontist.

  1. Choose a certified Orthodontic specialist
  2. You should choose a certified orthodontic specialist. An orthodontist is a dentist who completes additional full-time university education in an accredited orthodontic residency program after graduating from dental school. In fact, they are supervised by actual orthodontists during their orthodontic program. The specialized training is for duration of 2 to 3 academic years and sometimes for a longer period. They are educated experts who specialize in a specific field of dentistry which deals with the straightening of teeth and also in the alignment of jaws. Orthodontists specialize in orthodontic treatment only which includes practices related to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

  3. Do research before you choose an orthodontist
  4. Most of the orthodontists publish their biographies on their websites. You can also verify their credentials regarding their education, practice, method of treatment and the patients they cater to.

  5. Check whether the Orthodontics is affordable
  6. Orthodontics requires a great investment and most of the orthodontists try to make the orthodontic care affordable for you. Check for those orthodontists who maximize benefits for you at a fairly reasonable cost.

  7. Ensure a shorter a treatment duration
  8. There are many technological advances today in the field of orthodontics, like self-ligating braces, clear aligners, etc. As a result of this, the orthodontic treatment takes a shorter duration of time. The treatment is shorter and requires fewer appointments which make it easier for busy and active families to fit it according to their schedule and convenience.

  9. Check the availability of cosmetic options
  10. The orthodontic specialists offer several cosmetic treatment options like clear braces, clear aligners which are less noticeable.

  11. Check the process of evaluation of the orthodontist
  12. Orthodontic treatment is possible for all age group of people. Be it children before the age of 7 or adults. Starting the treatment at the right time will enable the patient to have more conservative treatment choices which will also prevent the need for any surgical procedures or extractions at a later stage. Many orthodontists also offer free orthodontic examinations for their patients. By doing an initial examination they will be able to give their expert information and also direct you to the appropriate treatment choices. It is ideal to choose an orthodontist who is more systematic and also approachable.

It is very important to build the smile you deserve. Orthodontics offers a wide range of treatment options like retainers, Invisalign and other comprehensive treatment options. Many patients have been able to understand the importance of a healthy and attractive smile which can enhance their careers and also their social lives. Oswal Dental and Oral Surgery clinic has been performing a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Dr.Nitin Oswal and Dr.Krupali Oswal are considered to be one of the best orthodontists in Pune who are helping the patients to have teeth which work better and also look better. The greatest benefit of orthodontic treatments is a beautiful smile which can also help to boost your self esteem. Thus, orthodontic treatment can lead to both career and social success and also improve a person’s general attitude towards life.

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Dr. Nitin Oswal – A Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dr. Krupali Oswal – A Pediatric Dentist are the proficient dentists in Pune who head the only Dental Clinic in India, which is Dr. BRILL + Partner,GmbH certified. These skilled dentists in Pune hold a combined experience in General Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Pediatric dentistry.

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