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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare Tips For Quick Recovery

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Experiencing a toothache is something considered as the worst thing that can disturb a person and his/her day to day activities. Having problems with the wisdom tooth is common. But when you have undergone a Wisdom tooth surgery or planning to have one immediately, then it would be wise to check out the tips that can help the wound heal fast. But one must also be aware of the fact that proper and complete healing will only take place after a month’s time.

  • Rinsing your mouth one or two days after the doctor has pulled out your wisdom tooth is not advisable. When your tooth is pulled out, it will bleed for a whole day. As soon as the bleeding has stopped, you can rinse your mouth with the help of lukewarm salt water. This helps in the process of disinfecting the mouth.
  • If the bleeding continues, inserting clean gauze in the area would help a lot. You can bite on the gauze without applying too much pressure on it.
  • It is natural for experiencing facial swelling when you undergo a wisdom tooth surgery. All you need to do is take good amount of rest and regularly apply ice packs on the face.
  • Eating solid food should be avoided for two days. You can eat light food. It would be better if you choose liquid food. This can include ice cream, mashed potatoes, puddings, oatmeal or milkshakes. Ice creams can help you to lessen the pain inside the mouth and it gives great relief to you.
  • Drinking liquids like juice, milk, water and tea can help you heal quickly. Make sure that you do not consume alcohol after a tooth surgery. Prefer drinking ice tea. Avoid hot tea as it can cause great amount of pain and irritation to the area of pain.
  • Avoid pushing your tongue on the area. Whenever you undergo a tooth surgery, it is quite natural to check the area where the tooth has been removed, with the help of your tongue. This can increase pain and may increase bleeding to a very large extent. Hence this should be avoided.
  • Brush your teeth lightly two or three days after the doctor has pulled out your wisdom tooth. Brushing hard inside the mouth can increase pain and also give way to bleeding.
  • If you have the habit of smoking, then this should be avoided at least during the time of the recovery of the wound.
  • Avoid chewing tobacco after you have undergone a surgery for wisdom tooth.
  • Make sure you do not consume food that needs sucking like lollipops. This can increase the bleeding and pain, and will increase the time for healing of the area.
  • Make sure you lie down with two pillows. Lying flat on the bed or ground will increase bleeding. Try to lie on pillows until the wound is healed.
  • The medicines prescribed by your dentist have to be taken as per the instructions. This can help in healing the area very quickly.

There are a lot of reputed Dental care hospitals in Pune that gives you the assurance of a perfect surgery for wisdom tooth. Undergoing Wisdom tooth surgery Pune from an experienced dental surgeon can help to avoid complications and can help you to recover fast.