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Why do we need dental implants?

What is a Dental Implant and why do we need it?


dental implants in pune

As an adult there are many a time you lose a tooth or teeth and know very well that it will never grow back. If it is your front tooth that has fallen then you will dread looking bad. Giving a toothless smile is not such a good idea. Decades ago if you lost any tooth the gap would be filled by either fixing removable dentures or a fixed bridge. In the case of fixed bridges they greatly rely on the adjacent healthy teeth as anchors. This can have a negative impact on the healthy teeth over a period of time. If you go in for removable dentures, they can slip or when you speak they make embarrassing clicking sounds. There are many dental clinics in Pune like the Oswal Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic who provide solution to your toothless problem through Dental implants.

A good option for a toothless problem is to go in for dental implant. Dental implants are a procedure wherein a periodontist or an oral surgeon places an artificial tooth in the place of your lost tooth surgically. In this surgical procedure, the dentist fuses in the jawbone the artificial teeth. This is truly a fantastic long-term tooth replacement option.

Advantages of Dental implants

A dental implant which is made up of titanium metal fuses very well to the jawbone and serves as the root of the fallen or a missing tooth. There are many advantages of dental implants which will make us analyse as to why do we need dental implants?

  • Functions like natural teeth: The dental implant restores a lost tooth by fixing artificial teeth which is stable and strong. The artificial teeth feels like a natural teeth and functions like a natural tooth. When you go in for other options they may cause deterioration of bone, may interfere with smiling, speaking, eating and other everyday activities of life
  • Durable: They are long-term solutions. Dental implants are more durable and the chance of their replacement is minimal. Whereas if you opt for fixed bridges, they will have to be replaced at least two to three times during your lifetime.
  • Help to save adjacent teeth: In dental implants, the implanted artificial teeth need not be anchored to the adjacent teeth and are directly implanted in the area of your missing tooth or teeth. As a result they help in preserving the overall integrity of your good and healthy teeth. As a result you need fear the decay of the sound and healthy teeth.
  • Reliable: In the case of dentures there are chances of losing them or misplacing them. Also when you have bridges fixed in your mouth, you need to replace them many a times. But this is not the case in dental implants. As the dental implants are permanent fixtures you need not worry about losing or misplacing them. Also they are permanent and need be replaced.
  • Noiseless: When you go in for dentures, you are faced with the problem of clicking sound when you talk. Also they tend to slip and come out. It is definitely embarrassing to hear the clicking sound or give a gummy smile when your dentures come out. Dental implants do not make noise and they remain intact for decades.
  • Help in protecting healthy bone: When you lose a tooth or more teeth they form empty spaces in your mouth which will lead to additional health and medical problem. It may result in the deterioration of your jaw bone as they are not supported by a natural tooth and thereby they lose their firmness and strength. Dental implants perfectly help in stimulating the growth of the bone and preserving the natural jaw bone.
  • Make you look good: A face without teeth can appear sunken and sad and can also sag. Bridges and dentures do not make you look good but dental implants are aesthetically superior to them. As they are permanent fixtures and actually look like real teeth, they make you look good. You will never feel that you have lost a tooth with dental implants making you feel good and confident.

Don’t just wait visit your dentist and get your dental implant done. You can continue to speak easy, eat your favourite food and be free from cavities and other dental problems.

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Dental Implants and Myths To Know About

Dental Implants In Pune

Dental implants which have been an increasing trend in dental procedure in the past few decades have accumulated several myths about them. Some of these myths have been propagated to a level where individuals would avoid dental checkups to avoid these implants leading to serious repercussion on dental health. Some of these myths have been enumerated it the following paragraphs:

  • Dental Implants are Recent; Unproven Technology- Dental implant technology cannot be classed as a new discovery as the Osseo-integration process of fusing the titanium plate in implant with one’s bone had been discovered in the year 1952. These implants have helped several patients by restoring their smiles and thereby their confidence levels too. The procedure documents a success rate of more than 95%.
  • Dental Implants are Time consuming process- In order to get a successful implant one needs a prosthodontist, one oral surgeon, diagnostic as well as laboratory technicians. These coupled with proper facilities as well as the latest equipment would be required for a successful and speedy dental implant. However, not all the implant providers cater to such facilities.Therefore, before opting for dental implant it is crucial to ascertain the availability all the pre-requisites. One may also opt for second opinion, if wishing to know more about the procedure and other details.
  • Dental Implants and Age misconceptions- It is unjust to state that you may be too old for an implant. Firstly all of us have a right to feel good and confident about ourselves. And there is no age to start looking better. However only the dental specialist can advise you about the implant requirement. Those with a healthy disposition would not find age as a factor which would prevent them from getting an implant. Individuals with health problems like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases may also get implants. The new technology involving bone regeneration would even enable individuals with deficient bone density to get implants easily.
  • Dental Implants are expensive procedure- While it is true that dental implants have considerable costs involved as compared to other tooth replacement procedures. However this cost is not very high but is based on the oral health of the individual. Also the dental implants would last an entire lifetime while option like dentures or bridges would demand periodic replacements. They also give an unnatural look and may even have hygiene issues. On adding the costs involved in treatment, replacement as well as maintenance in case of other option, dental implants are a great choice. These dental implants would give one permanent, attractive and natural appearing tooth- definitely a cost effective alternative in the longer run.

Dental Implants -

One of the major dental problems is losing teeth. The question here is not how you lost your teeth; it is what to do about it. Dental implant in pune is a facility provided by most dentists and can be easily availed. Also there are several medical insurance covers which include the cost of such dental implants. However, it is recommended that one must do a thorough research and ascertain the capability of the dentist before submitting oneself to this procedure. . Well, visit Oswal Dental & Oral Surgery Clinic and all your problems will be solved. Implant dentistry has taken many leaps in the recent past and today it has become easier than ever.