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Milk After Eating Cereals May Save Your Teeth

Cereal is one of the most favorite foods among both kids and adults as they are not only ‘ready to eat’ but also very tasty. But the flip side of the cereals lies in its sugar and starch content. Also, when these cereals are eaten dry, they pave way for tooth decay and cavities. So […]
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5 Steps for Choosing a Dentist for Your Family

There are number of dental practitioners who practice dentistry and it may really be confusing to choose a right kind of dentist for your family. It is always confusing whether to go by the lucrative advertisements or strong recommendation. Whatever is the selection criterion, utmost care should be adapted while choosing the right dentist. A […]
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Effect of Diabetes on Oral Health

It is a well known fact that Diabetes affects many parts of the body from eyes to kidneys. But many of us do not know that diabetes also affects oral health. Though bacteria are present in the mouth at any point of time, our body’s natural immunity system fights against and keeps a check on […]
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Mouthrinse Reduces Plaque Better Than Brushing Alone

Though brushing and flossing are considered as effective oral hygiene methods, recent study say states that mouthrinses are more effective in preventing plaque and gingivitis. Due to lack of awareness, mouthrinse also commonly known as mouthwash is not practiced by many people. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Pune explains some of the uses of […]
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