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Many of us have experienced a sharp and sudden pain, when the teeth are exposed to cold, hot, sweet, or acidic food and even air when we breathe through mouth. This painful experience is called sensitivity in tooth. It is always better to visit best dentist in Pune to find a solution for this menace. However, we have explained various reasons for the sensitivity and also few simple home remedies to be followed before your visit to dentists in Pune.

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Reasons for sensitivity

When the layer of enamel erodes or if there is receding gum line, surface of dentins gets exposed. These exposed dentinal tubules transmit the sensations directly to the nerves and causes pain. Exposure of dentinal tubes can be due to

  • Using tooth brush that has hard bristles

  • Brushing the teeth in a wrong way

  • Teeth grinding

  • Cracked teeth

  • Gum diseases (Periodontal)

  • Acids in the mouth wash

  • Chemicals used in tooth whitening pastes

  • Excessive consumption of acidic food

Temporary sensitivity problems can arise after a dental treatment like filling, cap replacement or cleaning and other dental procedures. This pain is just temporary and eventually this will disappear.

Home remedies for teeth sensitivity.

We have enlisted few home remedies to provide relief from teeth sensitivity. Visiting a dentist is advisable if you have sensitivity for prolonged period.

  • Rinse your mouth twice a day with lukewarm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt.

  • Massage your teeth with mustard oil and rock salt and rinse thoroughly.

  • Rinse your mouth with glass of water containing one teaspoon of baking soda.

  • Having a fluoride rinse after an hour of consumption of food, results in less sensitivity.

  • You can use cloves for pain relief. Add few drops of clove oil in water and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

  • Avoid acidic food and drinks that are loaded with sugar.

  • You can chew sugarless chewing gum for relief.

  • Chewing gum can also be used as temporary sealant.

  • Stop grinding your teeth which causes further damage to your teeth. Having a mouth guard is also a good option.

  • Follow a good oral care by brushing twice daily and regular flossing.

Other remedies that should be followed

1. Hard bristled brush causes damage to your teeth. Always use soft or ultra soft bristles for your teeth. If you are using hard bristled brush, then immediately change them to soft bristled brush.

2. The method of brushing matters for proper care of your teeth. Brush your teeth with gentle strokes covering chewing areas, inner, outer, upper, and lower areas and also around filling and crown areas.

When there is no improvement or still if you are experiencing pain, then it is high time you visit your dentists in Pune who are specialized in treating teeth sensitivity problem. Your dentist will analyze and determine the problem behind the sensitivity and guide you through the treatment that has to be undertaken. Mostly, they may suggest specialized toothpaste or a sealant to solve the issue. Sometimes a filling or a root canal may also be necessary to address the problem. In any case, a dentist is the right person to suggest a proper treatment.

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