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Braces friendly food

Braces are used to straighten your teeth that are crooked or misaligned. Although there are different types of braces available, visiting an orthodontist in Pune will help in determining the best suitable one for your teeth. Once braces are fixed, we always recommend about the suitable food items that can be eaten and also what to be avoided. This is because following a wrong diet can damage your braces. It is important to strictly follow the dentist advice.

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Initially after the braces are fixed soft or liquid food items like porridge, soups, milkshakes, or smoothies can be taken. Slowly normal food items can be introduced in your daily intake. Before getting into the recommendations, it is important to know about the food items that have to be avoided to protect your braces from bending or dislodging. If you find any damage or dislodging it is important to visit an orthodontist immediately for repairing and advice.

Avoid following food items

Sugar is the first enemy for your teeth. Avoid food that has sugar content like cookies, cakes and all beverages that have high content of sugar. Sugar settles down in the brackets and can damage the enamel and also braces.

Chewy or sticky food like chewing gum, toffee, lollipop and caramel candies are absolutely not advisable. These may damage the braces and increase the jaw pain.

Foods and nuts that are hard to bite like, pizza, bagels, chips, almonds, cashew or peanuts, hard fruits, and vegetables like raw carrots or apple may bend the braces and cause damage.
Pop corn and corn on the cob is strictly not advisable. The husk may get stuck on the teeth and the pop corns that are not properly popped will damage the braces for sure.

Sodas and highly acidic food or beverages are not only loaded with sugar but also acidic in nature and cause stains on your teeth. When braces are removed the discoloration will be easily visible.

Food items that are recommended

Any types of high nutritious value food that are easy to bite and chew are not only good for your braces but good for your teeth too.

Mashed potato, yogurt, and avocadoes are best options in the initial stages of braces.
Soup and milk are best bet for a liquid diet. Fruits, consumed in the form of smoothies, are other best choices for braces.

Soft food like oats porridge is nutritious and braces friendly food.
Apple sauce is good and also works as an alternate to a dessert. Apple sauce is healthy, soft, and recommended.

After getting used with the braces, you can eat carrots or apples by finely chopping it. Care should be taken to chew them with back teeth and not with the help of front teeth.
Vegetables are healthier option, but make sure that they have been finely chopped and steam cooked to make them soft and easy to bite or chew.

Orthodontists are specialized in fixing the problems of appearance of your teeth and help in improving the overall dental health. They not only recommend suitable braces for the teeth but also advice about maintaining it properly. So a visit to an orthodontist in Pune is a must if the position of the tooth is not proper.

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