Myths Concerning Root Canal And Its Treatment

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The dental aspect of one’s health is neglected by several individuals until they experience toothache. Most people would go for regular checkups to the physician but not the dentist. Root canal is a treatment which is used to treat an infected tooth. There are several misconceptions that surround this treatment, especially those concerning the pain experienced. In this article a few of the myths concerning root canal treatment are addressed:

  • Root Canal is a painful treatment- Remember the treatment is meant to relieve your pain not cause it. The modern technology and usage of anaesthetics have made root canal as comfortable as getting filling placed in the teeth. The toothache caused maybe due damaged tooth tissues which is removed with the root canal treatment and relieves pain.
  • Root Canal causes illness- Several internet websites support the false information that a root canal treatment on an infected tooth would not prevent it from contributing to recurrent illness or disease in one’s body. However the truth is that there is no documented proof of this theory. The recent studies prove that dental treatment must be considered part of one’s health condition.
  • Extracting the tooth better alternative- It is claimed that extraction is better that getting a root canal treatment. One must realise that preserving the natural teeth is the best option. Extraction would only create a void in the mouth and not contribute to the function of teeth. Also nothing will ever completely replace the natural tooth; even artificial tooth would have limitations and require proper maintenance as well as care. It may also require one to avoid certain type of food products. Most dentists would recommend root canal treatment to that of extraction.

Other Hassles

Endodontic treatment proves to be cost effective and healthy option which treats the tooth having damaged pulp. This is even less expensive when compared to extraction or placement of implants and bridge. The root canal treatment in pune has also shown a high rate of success. Several teeth treated in this fashion have lasted for lifetime. The placement of bridge or implant would demand more treatment time while requiring procedures to the adjacent teeth or supporting tissues.

Millions of teeth are treated successfully across the world. And it helps the patients chew as efficiently as with undamaged teeth. This also helps in maintaint the natural order of one’s smile and aids one to enjoy various foods without any restrictions. One must also remember that there stands no replacement for what the nature has provided.

Some Facts to know

Root Canal treatment at pune is readily available for the patients. One may easily book an appointment and generally one sitting is enough for the entire procedure. With the advancement in technology dental care has become easily accessible to the general public. There are also several medical insurance policies which provide dental cover as part of their reimbursement schemes. There has also been a growing awareness about dental health due media attention and increased health concerns of the population.

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