Why should I go in for a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment In Pune

Why should I go in for a root canal treatment?

Have you ever been told by your dentist that you need to go in for a root canal treatment? Now, what is a root canal treatment? A root canal is a dental treatment which is used to repair a tooth that is badly infected or decayed and save it. The root canal treatment procedure is performed when the nerve of the tooth is infected or the pulp becomes damaged. During the root canal treatment the nerve and the pulp is removed and the inner side of the tooth or teeth is cleaned and sealed.

What is a Dental Pulp?

Before going in for dental treatment knowledge of the structure of the tooth is very important. The dental pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area which lies in the center of the tooth. The tooth’s pulp is a small thread-like structure and lies in the center of the tooth. The nerved of the tooth lies within the root canals which lie within the ‘legs’ or roots of the tooth. The root canals travel into the pulp chamber from the tip of the root of the tooth. The pulp chamber also contains blood vessels and connective tissue which nourishes your teeth.

Why should the dental pulp be removed?

Once the tooth emerges through the gums, the nerved of the tooth is not important for the maintenance of the tooth’s health and function. Its function now becomes more sensory in nature i.e. to provide the sensation of cold or hot. The absence or presence of the nerve will not affect the tooth’s day to day function.

At times the pulp gets diseased, damaged or dead. The cause for the damage of death of a pulp can be as follows:

  • Occurrence of a deep cavity
  • Due to a tooth injury caused as a result of a severe knock to the tooth either recently or in the past
  • Due to a cracked tooth

When the pulp or nerve tissue gets damaged it tends to break down and bacteria begin to multiply in the pulp chamber. The bacteria and other debris which gets accumulated can cause an infection or tooth abscess. If this dead or injured pulp is left untreated pus gets accumulated at the tip of the root in the jawbone. This results in the formation of an abscess. An abscess can damage or destroy the bone surrounding this tooth and cause severe pain. The abscess and infection in the root canal can cause the following problems:

  1. Swelling of the affected tooth which may further spread to other areas of the head, face or neck.
  2. Loss of bone around the tip of the root.
  3. The problem of drainage which will extend outward from the root. A hole can occur through the side of the tooth which will lead to drainage into the gums. Drainage into the sink will also occur through the cheek.

The tooth’s nerve and pulp thus can become inflamed, irritate and also infected due to the deep decay. The tooth may also crack or chip or it may cause severe trauma to the face making it very painful.

What are the signs that show the need for root canal treatment?

  • Severe toothache while chewing or during application of pressure.
  • Prolonged sensitivity or pain to cold or heat temperatures after the cold or hot substance is removed.
  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth.
  • Tenderness and swelling in the gums nearby.
  • Recurring or persistent occurrence of pimple in the gums.

In such a case it is advisable to visit your dentist and take timely treatment. There are many dental clinics like the Oswal Dental and Oral Surgery clinic that are doing root canal treatment in Pune without causing any discomfort for the patients.

What is the procedure adopted in the root canal treatment?

The procedure for root canal treatment includes several steps. The visits will depend upon the severity of the tooth condition. The steps involved in the root canal treatment include:

  1. An opening is made through the crown of a pre-molar or a molar or the back of a front tooth.
  2. Once the pulpectomy is done wherein the diseased pulp is removed, cleaning of the pulp chamber and the root canals is undertaken.
  3. The cleaned pulp chamber is then enlarged and shaped properly to prepare them for being filled.
  4. When more than one visit is required, a temporary filling is done in the opening of the crown to protect the tooth in between the dental visits.
  5. The temporary filling done is removed. Permanent filling in the pulp chamber and the root canal is done. The filling consists of the insertion of gutta-percha which is a tapered, rubbery material. This material is inserted into each of the canals and is often sealed intact with cement. For structural support a metal or plastic rod is placed in the canal sometimes.
  6. Finally a crown is placed over the infected tooth in order to restore its natural appearance and shape. If the damage of the tooth is severe and is badly broken, it may be required to build up a post prior to the placement of the crown.

How long does the tooth that is restored last?

With proper care the restored tooth or teeth can last for a lifetime. Tooth decay can occur in the tooth or teeth which are treated. As the pulp which keeps the tooth alive is removed, the teeth that are treated for root canal can become brittle. As a result they are prone to fracture. This is an important factor which has to be taken into account when deciding whether to go in for filling the tooth or placing a crown after the root canal treatment is done. The success or failure of the root canal treatment can be determined with the most relied upon method which is the comparison of the X-rays done after the treatment with the ones taken prior to the root canal treatment. This comparison will let you have knowledge about the status of the restored tooth or teeth. It will show whether the bone continues to be lost or is being regenerated after the treatment.

It is very important to maintain oral hygiene and also regular dental examination is necessary to prevent any further problems or damage.

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