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Summers are the best times when you get indulged to eat and drink what is not good for your health, especially which effects and concerns your teeth. Like cold beverages and ice cream and going out in the sun. These habits are not suitable sometimes if you are having teeth problems. You can refer few orthodontist in pune, who can give you few advices.

orthodontist in pune

They are not your tools: you need to remember that your teeth are the initial digestion of your body and breaks down food for your stomach. Some use their teeth as substitute to open bottles through their teeth, tear chips wrappers or chew ice. It is harmful for the teeth and can be costly with a visit to the dentist.
When playing sports, make sure to use mouth guards: many tend to play outdoor games during the summer season and avoid wearing proper protection. Teeth can be protected by wearing a custom mouth guard, which can offer comfort, style and personal fitness. They are not costly and by using them you can be sure that your teeth won’t crack or get damaged in any event of foul when you are playing a sport.

For some, they grind their teeth during such games as they are facing the competitive nature of the game. By grinding the teeth, it can be an oral health care problem like weakening of the enamel layer and teeth structure getting cosmetic dental procedures like dentures, crowns and bridges. Using a mouth guard can reduce wear and tear of the teeth that is by unintended grinding.

Tend to eat fewer sweets: it can be really tempting to eat that ice cream or drink a cold soda during the summer season. But such products have high sugar, causing cavities and loss of enamel if they are eaten in more quantities. Bacteria get attracted to sugar and convert this to acids that can strip away the teeth enamel. This causes sensitivity issues to sugar and temperature. So it is advisable to consume less sweets and sugar. Eat sweets but remember to brush later as it can prevent toothache.

Try to apply lip balm having SPF 15: you do apply sunscreen to your face and body, but do focus on your lips when you are outdoors. Lips are prone to get burned more by the sun compared to other parts of your body. What’s more, damage to the lips can lead to skin cancer. So, apply a lip balm and protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun.
This way orthodontist pune suggest that though summer is the best time to have fun, people need to improve their eating habits and maintain good oral hygiene and still enjoy the tasty treats they like.

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Dr. Nitin Oswal
Dr. Nitin Oswal completed his B.D.S. from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2003 & M.D.S. in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, Pune ( Pune University) in 2008. He has a practice restricted to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and is a consultant at Sahyadri hospital, Inamdar hospital & Ranka hospital.
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