Once in a lifetime, we all suffer the pain of tooth infection or toothache that needs care more than our daily brushing and flossing. Therefore, dentist in Pune, suggest people to at least get a routine dental checkup once in every six months. Tooth infection, if left untreated, can cause serious complications such as tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and a missing tooth. What Exactly is a Root Canal Treatment? A “root canal” is not
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Wisdom teeth occur between the age of 16-25 and are also known as third molars. While many people don’t bother removing their wisdom teeth, some tend to experience pain and discomfort that makes them consider wisdom tooth surgery in Pune. Experts recommend people to get rid of their wisdom teeth even if it doesn’t cause any pain. Why? Read further to understand the top 5 reasons to consider wisdom teeth removal surgery. Wisdom teeth are
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Dental implants are designed to resemble the characteristics of the natural tooth. However, the purpose of implantology isn’t limited to fill in the missing or damaged teeth but also to preserve complete oral health. From replacing a single lost tooth to fixing edentulism, every dentist now recommends dental implants only because of the advantages they provide. For people who lose their teeth due to erosion, infection or removal, dental implants are the most common solution.
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Owing to the advantages in the dental space, at present, a range of treatments are available to deal with tooth damage. However, it is also important to understand which treatment is the most suitable for your dental problem. Bridges and crowns are one of the most sought-after procedures to treat damaged teeth. Further, over the years, bridges and crowns have emerged as one of the most cost-effective prosthetic procedures that have helped millions of individuals
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A healthy, bright, and white smile is a dream for many. As we live in a world with so many teeth staining factors such as coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and junk foods, it is a daunting task to maintain oral hygiene. Have you encountered stain on your teeth? Are you embarrassed about laughing among the people? Is your oral health affecting your confidence level and career? Have you tried and failed using over-the-counter teeth whitening
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