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Oral surgery is often required to treat a range of dental problems. It is a widespread belief that oral surgery may be necessary only to address dental issues in adults. However, it may catch you by surprise that even young children may require oral surgery for a range of reasons.

If your child requires oral surgery, sedation would be required for several reasons. Apart from tackling pain, sedatives also help children deal with anxiety ensuring that the surgical procedure is safely performed.

As a parent, the thought of your child being sedated can cause panic or make you anxious. However, it will make you feel better when you understand that oral surgery sedation is highly safe for the kids provided a highly trained and experienced maxillofacial and pediatric dentist is in control.

Oral surgery procedure and your child’s safety

At Oswal Dental Clinic, we strictly comply with the laid down dental guidelines for safe sedation by the Indian Dental Association. Our utmost priority is to ensure kids feel relaxed and at ease before oral surgery.

Find out how we do it:

• A thorough evaluation of oral health is carried out before the surgery
• We follow the protocols of the operation sincerely to ensure safety
• We only administer the lowest sedation dose that is required to perform the surgery
• A highly skilled, qualified, and experienced dental expert is assigned to monitor the child
• The entire process of sedation is well-documented

Oral surgery options

Our dental experts at Oswal Dental Clinic are highly skilled, trained, and have the experience to administer all types of sedation. Some of the most common options for children include:

• Oral sedation – an anti-anxiety medication which is given before the surgery

• Laughing gas – the sedative agent is generally inhaled via a breathing mask.

• Twilight sleep – the anaesthesia is given using an intravenous line

The mentioned sedation options are mild but ensure that children are calm and composed before oral surgery. Each option carries a slight risk of any complication if handles by a qualified professional.

Choosing an effective and safe oral surgery sedation

There are several factors your maxillofacial and oral expert will take into consideration before choosing the right type of sedation such as age, medical history, anxiety level, the complexity of the procedure and more.

It is essential to understand that the type and quantity of anaesthesia are tailored to suit your child. We at Oswal Dental Care offer safe, effective, and medically approved sedatives to children after assessing the severity of the surgery. We are one of the leading dental clinics in Pune and are committed to offering advanced and highly safe dental treatments to our patients.

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Dr. Nitin Oswal
Dr. Nitin Oswal completed his B.D.S. from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2003 & M.D.S. in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, Pune ( Pune University) in 2008. He has a practice restricted to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and is a consultant at Sahyadri hospital, Inamdar hospital & Ranka hospital.
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