Pediatric Dentist Pune

Pediatric Dentist Pune

Pediatric Dentistry focuses on oral hygiene and needs of children and strives to prevent teeth related issues in them. Based on the age and dental growth, every small kid or pre-teen need unique methodologies and personalized approach to offer right mode of treatment. Our pediatric dentist at Oswal Dental Clinic perfectly understands this distinctive requirement and hence offers specialty treatment for kids through friendly and good-humored approach.

Need for pediatric dentistry

Many parents believe that dental care for children is not necessary for kids as their milk teeth would eventually be replaced by permanent ones as they grow. It is a completely wrong notion and hence proper dental care and oral hygiene needs are provided to kids by our pediatric dentists so as to achieve several crucial aspects:

  • Proper chewing and biting of food to enhance absorption of nutrients
  • Avoid extraction of tooth or even surgery that can be caused by unattended dental caries
  • Ensure aligned growth of milk teeth to render timely and proper eruption of permanent teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment:
    • align permanent teeth through braces and space maintainers to assist bite correction and rectify bunny or crowded teeth
    • Fixation of habit breaking appliances to arrest thumb sucking, snoring, tongue thrusting and breathing with mouth open

Preventive Dentistry

The phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ finds the perfect usage in pediatric dentistry. Our dentists at Oswal dental clinic strongly advocate preventive dentistry not only to inculcate good oral habits and develop positive dental attitudes but also to detect early symptoms of tooth caries and thereby recommend appropriate treatments such as fluoride programs, diet suggestions, and pit & fissure sealants. Infact, we stress upon the need of routine dental visits of your children atleast twice a year, right from the eruption of first milk tooth, so that detection of dental issues at early stages become possible.

Treatment offered under pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry deals with most of the issues that are predominantly offered for adult counterparts. As many children may not have the cognitive ability to understand the need for dental care, it becomes a challenging task for our dentists. But with our sincere desire to render enjoyable dental experience to every kid, we harness our rich pediatric dental expertise to the best of potential to offer personalized treatments for the following avenues:

  • Fillings and sealants
  • Root canal treatments
  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Fluoride treatments and many more

Why us?

Managing dental issues of kids is a one of a kind task that demands deep understanding of physiological and psychological behavior of children. Our pediatric dentist, Pune at Oswal Dental Clinic not only restores the dental health of kids but also infuses necessary knowledge about the importance of oral hygiene in their young minds. With rich expertise in providing treatment for various pediatric dental issues, no wonder our pediatric dentists create long lasting dental health that brings smile not only across the parents but also on kids’ face.

Oswal Dental Clinic believes in incorporating good oral hygiene practices among kids right from their early days to prevent dental complications as they grow. If you are scouting for the best pediatric dentist in Pune to address the dental issues of your kids, your search has come to an end. With cutting edge infrastructure, latest technology, sterile ambience, and loads of patience and smile across our face, we make your kids enjoy our treatment procedure. Schedule an appointment at our clinic and ensure the dental health of your kid.

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