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Sinus lift surgery in Pune

Dental Implants are common these days. Many severe dental problems can be cured with the help of dental implants. However, these implants need certain preparation. Sinus augmentation or Sinus Grafting is a treatment, which precedes a dental implant. Surgeons make use of advanced equipment and technologies in their dental clinics to perform these surgeries.

What is sinus grafting?

Dental implants, as mentioned above need some pre-preparation. Sinus augmentation helps in doing the same. In this treatment, bone is added in the upper jaw of the mouth, near the molar or premolar teeth. Dentists use local anesthesia to perform these operations and before this augmentation becomes ready to support the dental implant, it requires around six months to heal completely. Some dental surgeons might opt for sinus augmentation and dental implant simultaneously to save the unnecessary cost involved in tow surgeries. It is a technique sensitive treatment and only experienced surgeons perform the same.


Before a sinus augmentation surgery, the patient’s health is studied well. Patients jaw is studied thoroughly with the help of Panoramic X rays or a CT scan which helps in determining the height and width of the sinus, as well as to rule out any possibilities of sinus diseases. This helps the surgeon to study the jaw and sinuses thoroughly

The augmentation can be performed in different ways

Direct Technique : Local anesthesia is given to the patient, after which the patient is ready for the surgery. The surgeon makes an incision in the gum of the patient’s jaw. Pulling back the gum tissue, the lateral bone wall of sinus is exposed. A thin membrane covering the sinus is posed by cutting a window in the incision. The membrane is lifted away carefully and grafted bone is placed in the space cleared by lifting the membrane. Synthetic materials, allogenic or autogenous graft can be used.

Indirect Technique : This technique is the osteotome technique. It is less invasive, and using osteotomes, the sinus membranes are lifted carefully by tapping the sinus floor. The augmentation level by osteotomes is slightly less than the above mentioned lateral window technique. Osteotomes aim at thickening and stimulating bone growth in the sinus floor, such that it becomes ready to support dental implants.

Healing Time: As mentioned above, it takes around six months for a patient, who has undergone sinus augmentation to recover.


Although experienced surgeons perform these surgeries, there are certain risks associated with it. One major risk associated with this surgery is that the sinus membrane could be accidentally ripped or pierced. It can be patched up, but usually doctors prefer giving time to allow it heal it naturally. This allows the membrane to grow back and probably even thicker so that the next attempt of operation proves to be more successful. Other risks involved with the same are –

  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Hematoma
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