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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in treating malocclusion, also known as misalignment of teeth. Due to malocclusion, cleaning of teeth becomes difficult and hence the chances of oral health getting affected are high. This may further escalate to other complications such as tooth decay, gum diseases, and stresses in muscles which in turn lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and also neck pain. What more, the aesthetic appearance is also affected as the teeth are not positioned properly.
The services of orthodontists, the dentists with specialization in orthodontics, are employed to treat the teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. The successful treatment results in overall improvement in oral health, pleasing smile, easy maintenance, reduced risk of injury, prevents premature tooth loss, prevents gum diseases, and more importantly, achieve improved self-confidence.
An orthodontic treatment is recommended for the following problems but not limited to
• Over bite
• Under bite
• Cross bite
• Open bite
• Crowding
• Spacing
• Misplacement of midline
• Uneven or excessive teeth wearing
• Chewing difficulties
• Breathing through mouth
• Biting cheek or tongue and also for facial imbalances
Orthodontic treatment methods
There are several treatment methods that are available for correcting the dental problems. Prior to selecting the perfect line of treatment for dentofacial deformity and its commencement, it is absolutely essential to find the cause for it. Hence it is a usual practice to conduct several diagnostic tests and analyze the results in detail with the patients. The most common method of treatment is through braces. Braces are useful in
• Correcting improper bites
• Straighten the crooked teeth
• Disorders in jaw joints and incorrect jaw position are also corrected.
Gone are the days when people were really worried about braces. With new advanced technologies available, people across all ages gladly accept orthodontic treatment to achieve a good oral health and beautiful smile.
How braces work and types of braces
The tooth position is changed by applying mild pressure constantly in a desired direction with the help of brackets that run along a wire called braces. With the help of these braces, the gaps are closed, crooked teeth are straightened, and jaws are properly aligned. Braces are available in several variants - like metal, ceramic or plastic. There are also lingual braces which are concealed and attached to the back of the teeth. Ceramic braces are also less noticeable when compared to metal braces. Based on the severity of the problem, the most suitable braces are recommended by your expert orthodontist to address the prevailing issue.
The new entrant in the arena of braces is aligners and these are invisible and removable. The removability feature of aligners aids in easy maintenance of teeth as food particles are not trapped.
The treatment period depends upon on two factors – severity of the problem and age of the patient. Generally one may need to wear for 12 to 24 months and a retainer may be recommended for proper alignment. What should be borne in the mind is that older the age, one has to wear braces for longer. So it is always better to visit orthodontist at the age of seven for monitoring growth and prevent any serious problems.
Why an expert orthodontist
A leading orthodontist in Pune explains that the orthodontics is a highly specialized field in dentistry and it is important to visit only an expert and experienced orthodontist to avoid any complications. They have specialized training in this field and chooses the best line of treatment methods so as to achieve the best fitting bites at the end of the treatment.
Dr. Nitin Oswal
Dr. Nitin Oswal completed his B.D.S. from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2003 & M.D.S. in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, Pune ( Pune University) in 2008. He has a practice restricted to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and is a consultant at Sahyadri hospital, Inamdar hospital & Ranka hospital.
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